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Medicine Soup

Greetings to you, cookees and cooklets. The Soup Lady is being falsely cheerful to combat the enough-already amount of rainfall in the Northeast. The only thing the Soup Lady can find to be thankful for about all this rain is that it gives me the opportunity to show off my clouds-in-a-blue-sky umbrella. Other than that, I am quite sick of the whole soggy situation.

Speaking of sick, while the Soup Lady enjoys robust good health and has easily claimed prizes, awards and undying employer gratitude for perfect attendence any place she works, it is is not beyond notice that some of the less fortunate souls round and about need a little help now and then when Aunt Vi(rus) comes to visit.

Chicken soup, you say? My dears, chicken is the least of it in this recipe from the delightful Deb of Murray Hill 5. I highly recommend that you visit her site – the sight of it alone is enough to make one throw down the Kleenex and put away the Vaporub. Listen to this:
“Medicine Soup … filled with ginger and garlic and lime and fresh cilantro among other things. What really stood out and tasted fabulous was the bright clean taste of the cilantro and lime mingling with the pungent smell of the ginger and garlic. “

Don’t you feel better already?

Click here for the recipe for Medicine Soup.


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